Post Show report

Exhibitors from 20 countries:

Australia Germany Switzerland
Belgium India The Netherlands
Canada Iran Turkey
China Italy UAE
Egypt Oman UK
Finland Pakistan USA
France Sweden  

Exhibitors Statistics

  • 207 companies represented
  • 134 International exhibitors (64.73%)
  • 73 local exhibitors (35.27%)
  • National pavilions from Germany, Oman and UK

Exhibitors Post Show Report:

Visitor Profile

Agents, Distributors, Grooms, Horse Owners, Horse & Camel Breeders, Leisure & Recreational Riders, Riding Clubs, Manufacturers, Professional Riders, Horse & Camel Stables, Retailers, Stud Farms, Trainers, Veterinarians.
Visitors Statistic
  • 4532 Trade Visitors
  • 3204 (70.7%) attendees from the UAE
  • 980 (21.62%) came from GCC countries (excluding UAE)
  • 348 (7.68%) of visitors from Africa, Asia, Europe and America

Visitors came from the following countries:

Algeria Egypt Korea Oman Sweden
Argentina Finland Kuwait Pakistan Sri Lanka
Australia France Lebanon Philippines Syria
Austria Germany Poland Qatar South Africa
Bahrain India Portugal Romania Turkey
Belgium Iraq Lebanon Russia UAE
Canada Iran Morocco Spain UK
China Italy Netherlands Saudi Arabia USA
Cyprus Japan New Zealand Singapore  
Denmark Jordan Norway Switzerland  

Visitors Post Show Report: