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CEDA conference on dredging and land reclamation in Doha

Dredging and the creation of new land are essential to the construction and main-tenance of a large part of the infrastructure on which our economic prosperity de-pends. The impressive developments along the Arabian Gulf Coast, particularly in the last five years, clearly demonstrate that.

Undertaking these mega reclamation works in a sustainable manner present a range of new challenges and demand smart approaches and novel solutions both from the project owners and the dredging industry. In view of the foreseen increased demand for reclaimed land in all parts of the world the exchange of information and sharing of experience regarding these challenges and solutions are paramount for ongoing and future reclamation projects.

In line with its core mission “generation and dissemination of knowledge”, the Central Dredging Association (CEDA), an international professional association, will present a con-ference on dredging for land reclamation on 6-7 May 2008 in conjunction with Ship & Port Qatar + Europort Maritime.

The one and half day conference will give a comprehensive overview of the latest develop-ments and innovations of the various technical issues relevant for land reclamation works, including: design and construction of reclaimed land, geotechnical investigations and fill ma-terial requirements, environmental assessments and controls and monitoring. The presenta-tions will be given by invited speakers representing a broad range of expertise and with a thorough experience in large reclamation projects in particular in the Gulf region.

In addition to the formal presentations, there will be plenty opportunities for informal dis-cussions and networking.

The conference is aimed at practitioners and scientists representing project owners, com-missioners of large-scale dredging and reclamation projects, professionals from port, coastal and environmental authorities, dredging contractors, consultants and research institutes.

To complement the conference, a small dredging exhibition will be located in the area adja-cent to the technical session room where delegates will take their refreshments during the breaks between the sessions. Exhibitors will have an excellent opportunity to present their products and services to a select group of international experts and decision makers.

The conferences organised by CEDA are well-known and valued forums and well attended by leading researchers and industry experts. CEDA’s biennial conference, the CEDA Dredging Days, first held in 1978, has established itself as the foremost international dredging confer-ence in Europe. Since 2005 the CEDA Dredging Days have been organised in co-operation with Ahoy Rotterdam during the Europort Maritime exhibition.

The Central Dredging Association, CEDA, is an international professional association that provides an independent forum for the exchange of knowledge on all aspects of dredging, marine engineering and construction.

CEDA is open to all those involved in any dredging related activity who live or work in Europe, Africa or the Middle East. Members of CEDA include designers and builders and of dredging vessels and ancillary equipment; dredging contractors; port, maritime and naviga-tional authorities, government departments and public works; consultants; research insti-tutes, academia; etc.

Under the umbrella of WODA, the World Organisation of Dredging Associations, CEDA has two autonomous sister associations which share the aims of CEDA: WEDA the Western Dredging Association – serving the Americas and EADA – the Eastern Dredging Association – serving the Asian and Pacific region.

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