Tekno Tekno
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Exhibitor only
  • Metallurgical plants and Rolling Mills
  • Foundry Machinery
  • Manufacturing and process automation
  • Surface treatment, Surface technology
  • Aluminium and Non/Ferrous Metals, Materials, Technologies and Products (Semi-finished Products and Finished Products)
  • Sheet metal technology and products (semi-finished and finished products)
  • Thermo Process Technology
  • Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery (including cable and stranding machines)
  • Fastener technology and spring making technology
  • Wood working Machinery
  • Plant and equipment for Welding processes
  • Plant and equipment for Cutting processes
  • Machine tools
  • Parts, components, accessories
  • Used Machinery and Equipment
  • Trading in Raw Materials, Semi-Finished Products, Semi -Manufactured Goods and Finished Products
  • Control and Measuring machinery, instruments and tools .Testing
  • Information, Processing (Data Processing, computing Programs and Systems)
  • Transportation and Material Handling Equipment
  • Environmental protection and waste removal
  • Industrial safety and ergonomics
  • Consultation, planning, services
  • Trade Associations, trade publishers, trade journals
  • Training, further education
Tube Arabia
  • Raw materials, tubes and accessories
  • Tube manufacturing machinery Rebuilt and Reconditioned Machinery
  • Process technology tools and auxiliaries
  • Measuring and control technology
  • General services
  • Automation
  • Parts and components
  • Post processing machines
  • Design and development
  • Computer software services
  • Engineering
  • Professional literature
  • Subcontracting
  • Machines and equipment for rapid prototyping
  • Pattern making and Prototyping
  • Software, Simulation, Visualization
  • Materials - Coatings
  • Tooling - Mold making
  • Machine tools. Instruments
  • Equipment
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