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With eight airlines in the GCC alone and a market of over one million vehicles per year, the transport sector consisting of vehicles, aircraft, vessels and associated transport equipment and parts, constitutes the second largest import sector in the region.

Opportunities for OEM products and after-market parts in the region are significant enough to make the largest manufacturing enterprises feasible with long-term growth potential.

Availability of base metals, a skilled regional and international workforce and flexible financing schemes make Dubai an attractive base for the transport equipment industry.

Over US$ 8 billion in imports within GCC growing at 20% CAGR Ste representing a large portion of the GCC base metals indust production shortfall of 14 million tonnes expected by 2015 to m rising demand. The value of projects planned and under way in Iraq soared by 12.3 per cent to reach $ 182.6bn.

The index is 9.5 per cent on 2008 and the value of projects on hold across the region is $582bn.

Turbines, electric power generation and distribution equipment, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, home appliances, laboratory equipment, material handling machinery, manufacturing equipment and consumer electronics collectively form a large industrial sector in the GCC.

High value-added science and engineering based products are already being distributed throughout the region via Dubai's world-class logistics and business infrastructure.

Largest import sector in GCC with US$ 23 billion worth of imports in 2002 and growing at 9% CAGR GCC construction equipment market is US$ 1 billion-US$ 1.5 billion.

Demand and prices of metal products are beginning to rise after la: summer's spectacular collapse

With access to cheap gas feedstock, regional producers are boostin their capacity while rivals cut back. - aluminium producers

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